Big Brother Recap – 8/21/15

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Lucky for John, the twins tell him they want to work with him and it mostly has to do with the fact that he wants Vanessa out, and they know that if he wins, he’ll put them up and they won’t have to do it. Great move for the twins and Austin here, so they don’t have to get the “blood on their hands” by nominating her, but they still don’t realize that they’ll be the ones voting her out, and that should be considered more bloody hands than just nominating someone, in my opinion. Especially since they’re supposed to be in an alliance with her and they’re going against it to get her out. But whatevs, they can just keep thinking they won’t have to get their hands dirty at all. I can totally see them backing out of voting her out if she gets nominated and is still on the block come eviction night. I have a funny feeling the final four of this season may be those four (Austin, Vanessa, and Jiz). I guess it all hinges on who wins this HoH and how it pans out.

We get a quick peek inside the jury house as Shelli is reading a book and relaxing, as they’re making it seem like she spent the night there by herself, even though Jackie was evicted just about 20 minutes after her. So, best guess is they both spent the night in a hotel room, they shipped both over in the cars, Shelli first, told her to wait a few minutes, and then Jackie walks in to surprise her. Either way, she didn’t know who was coming, so it was still a shock to her. And even more of a shock to find out that Steve is the one that nominated her and got her evicted. That sly dog, Steve, making great moves in the game…

Right, Becky? Steve makes all these great moves and is playing the best game? After John makes his best please-let-me-bang-you-in-jury speech to Becky, she gets voted out 6-0, and then tells Julie two important things – first, that if she went back in the house, she’d try and get Liz out and would possibly work with Vanessa and second, that Steve is playing the best game in the house right now! What?!? Steve?!? Are we watching the same season, Becky? The kid who doesn’t win anything, isn’t really a part of the game conversations, but has turned it on a little here lately by winning a few things is playing the best game? I’m not so sure about that. Maybe if he keeps it up and plays a part in some major evictions you could say that, in the end, but for right now there’s no way he’s playing better than Vanessa, the person who has orchestrated just about everyone’s eviction up until this point and even managed to get herself out of a backdoor situation, which I’m not even sure has ever happened before on Big Brother! You go ahead and keep thinking that. That just assures me that everyone in that house has a chance at winning it all. Even Meg. And that’s just plain sad. They call her grandma and the best thing she’s done all season is smash her face in the OTEV competition, and she could possibly win $500,000!! Ouch.

And then we move to the HoH comp, which is yet another cliffhanger. I’m already keeping an eye on who wins, so if you don’t want to know, God bless you for that patience of yours, but if you do want to know and were too lazy to Google something, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or email, and I’ll let you know.

Before we leave tonight, Julie informs us that next Thursday, the four evicted houseguests (fourth being the one who’s evicted next Thursday) will compete to reenter the game and continue playing this season. This will be a great competition and will definitely be a game changer for the house, because the three that are out right now, if they reentered the house, would seem to all have different targets coming back into the game and it would be interesting to see how things get shuffled around dependent on who gets back in the game. If Shelli won, she’d most definitely be going after Vanessa, of course until Vanessa cornered her and made her cry, at which point she’d target John after that (as long as he’s not out, which I don’t think he will be no matter who wins this week). If Becky wins, she said she’d go after Liz and work with Vanessa, so that would be interesting to see if she could flip John and Steve to then work with her and Vanessa, and then get out the twins or Austin. And if Jackie won, I think she’d be the one that would ACTUALLY target Vanessa and want to get her out at any and all cost. Jackie may be the only person that Vanessa would have no chance of swaying into working with her and not evicting her. So, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next week and the following week. Maybe it’ll shake things up in the house enough to where everyone will start strategizing more and thinking about how they get to the end and not just playing each week as if it’s the only week in the game. None of these people (except Vanessa) are really thinking long term ins and outs, and are just going through the motions at this point and either accepting fate or going after whoever the house hates that week…

So until then, I’ll just keep refreshing these feeds to see who won HoH…

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