Big Brother Recap – 9/17/15

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Time for the Vote…and I’m actually excited for this one! And it actually goes the way I want it and Austin is voted out!!!! And Austin didn’t take it too well at all. You could tell that once it came up a tie, he was instantly worried about what Vanessa was going to do. All that trust he had in her by not wearing any shoes to the voting ceremony all came rushing to his head at that point and he had to put his hands over his head to brace himself for the pain that was about to wash over him! And he would have to walk out of that house with no shoes on and no Judas hat on, as Vanessa most definitely broke the tie and sent him packing. Also, he’s going to have a sobering journey at the jury house with no Liz and everyone there seemingly starting to understand that Vanessa deserves to win the game. The only one left that could possibly win over her is Liz, but she’s only guaranteed the two votes. I don’t think anyone else would actually vote for her other than her sister and Austin. But those two votes are the reason why she won’t be taken to final 2. So she needs to win that final HoH to have any chance.

The episode wraps up the way every Thursday night HoH episode seemed to have forgotten how to wrap up…and that’s with the HoH actually being crowned! And the winner was Steve! He was quite shocked when he did win as we could overhear him saying something about forgetting a zero, but I don’t even know what he meant by that since he wrote down about 76 different answers and none of the new numbers he wrote were a zero or seemed to make us think he meant to say a thousands number rather than hundred. But anyway, there’s no way he really wanted to throw that HoH…at least I hope not. Whoever wins this HoH does get to compete in the next one, since the next one IS the last HoH. So, he’s guaranteed final 4, and still has a chance to win the next HoH, too. He’s in a good spot right here.

As for who he should put up, it doesn’t really matter since the Veto determines who’s going home pretty much, but for what it’s worth, I’d throw up Liz and Vanessa just for sh!ts and giggles. But we’ll see what he does…

But first, we have to go through Vanessa’s damage control. Something she’s definitely done throughout the entire season and also something that only takes her about 30 seconds to do since nobody in this house has it in them to just tell her “screw you, we’re done, I’m going after you now.” They shouldn’t even bother showing us these scenes because we all know Liz is going to say one thing in her DR about how she doesn’t trust her and blah blah blah, but in the game, she’s just going to continue going along with whatever Vanessa says and does. Thank goodness there’s only 2 more episodes of this craziness…

One thing I’d like to know is how they knew it was 7 minutes before the eviction episode? Do they have a countdown on the TV in the living room…which none of them were in when they had their conversations? Interesting number for them to choose and 7 minutes before a live show we’re supposed to believe that everyone is still running around getting ready? Please…they already knew ahead of time what they were going to do, don’t try and tell us that a plan was hatched 7 minutes before the show started when all Vanessa said was “go down there and act…” I can’t remember what word she used. Either way, doesn’t matter, that plan didn’t happen 7 minutes before the show or even 7 hours.

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  1. Wondering if the next episode will show what Vanessa was talking about with her rationale for kicking out John instead of Liz. Scenes of him making deals and Steve and Liz then telling Vanessa? They should have plenty of time when they are down to 3 players. Will there be an inevitable lengthy “walk down memory lane” by the final 3? I hope not.

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