Big Brother Recap – 8/3/15

To all of our surprise, we open the show at the HoH competition, which is where we left off last week. I don’t know about you, but I definitely looked up who won HoH long before tonight’s episode, so when the show started off at the HoH comp, I was a little disappointed because I already knew who won (as I’m sure many of you did, as well) and knew I’d have to put up with 20 minutes of a competition that meant nothing to me. But, I have a job to do to report this information to you all, so let’s get to that.

Meg tells us all about how it’s so important for her “friends” to win (because these fools aren’t playing the game yet and making alliances). But enough about the competition. We all have our suspicions that Meg is a serial killer. Well, to feed into that suspicion, Meg made a request for the house wake up music and that song was “Psycho Killer” by some band nobody cares about and … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 7/31/15

We start off the episode with, surprise surprise, Shelli choking up and almost in tears. And not only do we get that, but we get Vanessa speaking in tongues. This should be a doozy…

After the disaster that was the attempted throwing of the Battle of the Block, James takes it upon himself to apologize for not doing enough to lose. He probably doesn’t need to do it, but it’s a smart play. He probably could have done more to make sure they lost, but since he didn’t, apologizing is the next best step.

If that wasn’t enough, Liz is figuring it out that James was throwing the competition since he wasn’t doing much or putting much effort into the things that he was doing. She’s telling Austin about her thoughts on James throwing it, which has him thinking that something is going on in the house that he’s not aware of, and has him trying to figure out who the backdoor options would be, since he was thinking it was going to be … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 7/27/15

I have to say that this week is exactly what I think this season needed. We needed to get away from the “doing what the house wants” mentality that last season invoked on us, as well as this season’s players. We needed to see someone from the “other side” win HoH and for the power alliance to start turning on each other. It got too plain and predictable, so seeing these people actually plot against each other and whatnot is a great sign for the future of this season. Of course, I may be speaking too soon, but for right now, I have to say I’m starting to feel better about this season. I think that actually has a lot to do with the fact that I STILL don’t have a favorite, STILL don’t hate anybody too much, and STILL think any one of these dipd!cks can win this season. Except for Meg. She doesn’t seem to be interested in winning all too much. But, again, you just never know how things will play out … Continue reading

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