Big Brother Interview with Last Season’s Winner, Derrick Levasseur

I had the incredibly distinct honor and privilege of “sitting down” with one of the most well-liked Big Brother contestants in the history of the show. As a member of Team America, he sliced and diced his way through the competition earning himself the $500,000 first place prize last season. Your favorite, my favorite, your mom’s favorite, ladies and gentleman, I give you the one and only Derrick Levasseur. And yes, he’s as kind and genuine as you’d expect.

I tried to think of some great questions to ask him and hope I did my readers proud. If you don’t already, go follow Derrick on Twitter (@DerrickL) as he does some cool stuff and is the current Social Media Ambassador for this season of Big Brother.

Q. Chill Town vs. The Hitmen. Which alliance goes down as the greatest in Big Brother history?

Derrick: I am in contact with both Will and Boogie and they’re both great guys and had a great alliance on two different seasons. I will say that I wish Cody and … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 6/29/15

Welcome back! Thanks for showing up again. However, I can’t say thanks so much for the reader recaps since I definitely received ZERO of them!! Look people, I understand you’re busy and you may feel awkward sending me an email with a sentence or two typed in the body of it about this ridiculous show we all love, but let’s do better. Ok? We can do better, people.

Let me also say thank you to all of those who have followed me on Twitter. If you haven’t already, please do so. I spend a hefty amount of seconds each day trying to add some enjoyment to your life, so take advantage of that! And hell, even if you don’t care about my tweets, just make me feel good about myself and add a tick on the meter that is my Followers list. Shouldn’t this blog be all about making ME feel special?!? I happen to think so, so go follow me on Twitter. I drank wine from a can tonight, folks. If I can’t … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 6/26/15

I’m back! God knows everyone missed me, so take your time to get used to the fact that I’m back in your lives now and after you calm yourselves down, continue on with reading through what may end up being the most ridiculous blog I’ve ever written. I say that only because these cast members only get more and more ridiculous every year.

Two quick housekeeping things to get out of the way: first, I’m introducing a new addition to the blog this season. I’m going to call it the “Reader Recap.” What this will entail is you, the reader, sending me a ONE paragraph recap on any portion of the episode you just watched. Please keep it to ONE paragraph. I don’t want you to recap the entire episode. For each episode, I will choose one reader’s paragraph and slice it into my recap for the episode (giving you all the credit, of course). Please make sure you get the recap to me the night of the show or early morning the following day. … Continue reading

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