Big Brother Finale Recap – 9/23/15

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Now let’s head to what really matters…the final part of the final HoH competition of the final season of Big Brother I may ever watch…and I KNEW going into that 7th question that Vanessa was going to tie it up so that the drama would build for that last answer. And how fitting was it that the two of them had different answers to also build the drama for the reveal of the response. I have to say that I really thought Steve blew it and that Vanessa was going to get that last question right, but when it was said she was wrong, I was actually happy! I think it was more me being excited that something FINALLY didn’t work out in Vanessa’s favor more so than being happy that Steve won. I think Steve is semi-deserving of winning the game, but in all reality, Vanessa was the only one in the house truly deserving of the final W. She doesn’t need the money, so that’s another reason why I didn’t care for her winning (I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE seeing the rich get richer when there’s so many poor people out here), but I think I just am really glad she has to sweat it out and part of me believes that she has to know Steve isn’t going to take her….or is he?!??!?!?!?!!?

Nope, he isn’t.

He chose to evict Vanessa and take Liz to the final 2 and Liz’s reaction to that was priceless. She truly just realized that she won money and that’s all she cared about. I don’t blame her, because winning money is fricken awesome, but Steve was excited to be in that final 2. Vanessa would have been excited to be in that final 2. Liz just wanted to extend her vacation another hour or so…even saying she had nothing prepared! Are you serious?!? Vanessa was going to take you to final 2 and you had to trust her somewhat that she would since she’s protected you for so long in this game, but to be in the final 3 and to NOT have prepared any type of speech is just plain ridiculous. I immediately take back being excited about Vanessa not making it because I dislike the fact that this broad is going to win money and go down as a second place finisher because she gave zero sh!ts about doing well in the game.

It happened and it’s over. Liz is in the final 2 and Vanessa’s out talking to Julie. And I hate to say anything bad about the way people act during this moment with Julie because I know how (I think) I’d be in this moment, and it would probably be something similar to Vanessa only I’d probably kick Julie’s chair halfway across the stage, spit on the ground a few times in disgust whenever she mentioned the name of the person that evicted me, maybe cussed a few times for no reason, and eventually just made it so uncomfortable that they just escorted me off the stage completely. However, I will say that Vanessa had to have seen this coming. She had a final 2 deal with just about everyone in the house and said it herself when she said she wasn’t even going to take Steve to the final 2 if she won. I hate people who expect something from another person but don’t feel as if they need to act in the same manner. She got bested in that moment and just couldn’t handle it. The analrapist (anybody get that reference???) expert turned out to be not so expert-y after all. Enjoy third place.

Can we just fast forward through this question and answer section. Liz is GinaMarie all over again and I can’t handle it. She really wasn’t lying when she said she had nothing prepared. And the reason she had nothing prepared is because she was spotted at some model photoshoot somewhere and told she’d get paid (a stipend, but possibly win money too) to come spend a summer in LA so she said yes, rather than being a fan of Big Brother, understanding how the game works, and knowing that you need to talk yourself into winning the game! At least Steve didn’t stutter around with his answers. I thought his responses were perfectly suited for each person that asked them, and the answers given centered around the exact question, rather than just coming off preachy and explaining something completely different, hoping his testimony could sway votes.

And anyone who says there best game move was aligning with strong players is basically telling you they didn’t play the game, so please dear God don’t let anyone other than stupid Julia and stupid Austin be too bitter and vote for Liz to win. She didn’t do anything the entire season, and Steve’s point about her sitting in a hotel room for half of the first 6 weeks or whatever was spot on another reason why she shouldn’t win.

Before we got to the final vote count, I love Jason’s comment to Vanessa about how she did play a great game, but the biggest reason why she’ll never be considered a great isn’t because she’s a woman, but because she didn’t OWN the moves she made. She didn’t tell us in the DR that she was conniving and manipulating these people. She was crying and was paranoid and feeling bad for saying or doing something, and telling us that she didn’t know why she did this or wasn’t sure it was going to work, blah blah blah. If she had just sat in there and told us all that she wanted to do this and told us her strategy and why she switched her plans up here and there, it may have worked in her favor with the viewers, but she just came off erratic and emotional and her gameplay was synonymous with that. It never seemed as if she had a clear strategy. She just relied on her ability to talk and that’s not exactly a strategy. It’s an I-hope-this-works-out. Still, though, she played the best game.

And with a vote of 6 to 3, Steve, YOU…are the winner of Big Brother 17! Congratulations Steve, you’ve been living your whole life for this moment and it’s finally happened!!! You semi-deserved it, so at least we can’t be TOO upset about the end result. Right?

And James won America’s Favorite, which isn’t a surprise. Or maybe it is. I know some people wanted Johnny to win, but that annoying voice lost it for him. Plus, he kinda turned mean towards the end and you can see that he’s not such a happy-go-lucky guy outside of this house.

Either way, it’s over with and this blog is done with. I’d like to say I’m leaving you all in a better place than I found you, but chances of that aren’t great. One thing I will say is that I sure hope I kept you entertained throughout the season, more than these jokers did.

Please feel free to comment below how much you hate me. I can’t remember my password to this site and am too lazy to create a new one, so that’s why I haven’t been responding to your comments (well, that and really only one or two of you comment each week), but trust me I do read them.

I hope you all have a great rest of your lives….

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4 thoughts on “Big Brother Finale Recap – 9/23/15

  1. Seeing Liz’s answers and final speech, I got why Vanessa would have taken her over Steve. She knew that, like Steve, she could make an argument for the win while Liz would have nothing but “I love you guys” and Austin and Julia’s votes. I think that could have overcome some of the bitterness. Steve clearly knew the types of questions which would be asked and had reasonable answers.
    Liz is in a pageant gown and Steve is casually dressed. I guess he didn’t pack a suit but the women have somehow packed tons of clothes.
    I didn’t like Vanessa’s “spiteful” “I won 4.5 million dollars.” Derek’s disclosure that he was an undercover policeman and used that knowledge to help him was okay. She could have just said “I have been a professional poker player for years, not a DJ.” and left it at that instead of saying she is rich and is somehow better than them. Was her Liz vote just bitterness? I think Vanessa had the best case for winning but I don’t feel bad about how it turned out.

  2. Thanks for the recaps! Your comments and humor made the season bearable, given how much I didn’t care who won as long as it was NOT Vanessa. Yay, NOT Vanessa!

  3. Thanks for all of the recaps! I enjoyed them more than most of this season. And you are totally right that comments dropped off (from me at least) because of the season – I felt like I just kept repeating the same things!

    Not really sure I’m too excited about the outcome. I really didn’t think either Steve or Liz deserved to win. Definitely not Liz and it does suck that she got some money. Oh well. At least BB is renewed for Summer 2016!

  4. The ending was great. Glad Steve didn’t want to be last year’s Cody. That season with Derrick was very boring until the last show. Steve could have easily backed away and taken the easier route like what was done most of this show, but he made it interesting. Vanessa’s mention of her $4.5m made me not feel bad for her at all. There were so many she eliminated who really needed that money.

    Thanks for the recaps Scott – see you next summer. Or maybe you will be back for Amazing Race – I will check back. I like this smaller forum – easier to get through all the comments and even feel compelled to add my own.

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