Big Brother Finale Recap – 9/23/15

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Julie lets us know that it’s been 98 days and I’m in shock because it’s felt more like 4,298 days to me. This has been one long and exhausting season, but let’s at least see if we can end on a high note, see someone deserving or semi-deserving win, and wrap this b!tch up…

Before we get to the meat of the episode, I’ll just take a quick moment to say thank you to everyone for reading. Thanks to everyone who followed along with me on Twitter and to everyone who emailed me for whatever reason. I think out of all seasons I did this blog, this was the least responsive one, but I’m going to ride my HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ego here and say that’s because of the houseguests/season and not because I started to suck as a recap artist. And yes, recapping reality TV is an art, don’t try and take that away from me. But anyway, thank you so much and let’s hope that next season can come back a little stronger and they don’t try and make the season all about one person again (a la Derrick last year and Vanessa this year – trust your casting process and show us all these characters after they enter the house, not just one person and their journey).

So, we get back to where we left off, with the first part of the final HoH competition and making a long story short, it takes over 3 hours before anyone falls off, and that person was Steve. Kudos to everyone for staying on that long and longer, but at the same time, it didn’t look like it was all too difficult before they made them slide down from their round seats. And once Steve was off, Vanessa went with her “psychological warfare,” which to her is basically just backwards begging. She just kept telling Liz that she’s going to be on that ball for 10 hours and that she wasn’t going to be able to win part 2, so please just fall. What a lame way to win the first part of the HoH, but at the same time, kudos to her for getting Liz to drop. Just like pity sex is still sex and you can still feel good about it right afterward, the pity win from the carnival comp in the final HoH in Big Brother is still a win. It’s not like Vanessa made her drop, Liz still chose to do so. And that is the exact reason why Liz should NOT win this game. She just doesn’t care enough. It’s the final HoH, no matter what deal you have with anyone, you try and win that comp and tell that person to win the next one, because YOU are playing for $500k, they aren’t playing for you. Just go away, Liz. I’m done with you.

After Vanessa wins, we just have to hope Steve pulls out the win in part 2…and since nothing crazy or interesting happened in the second part, I’ll just skip right to it and recap the fact that Steve DID in fact win part 2! Thank goodness!! I don’t know what I would have done. Liz did come close and kept it a lot closer than I thought she would, but that’s probably just more a knock on Steve than a praise for Liz. Although, Liz did hold her own in some comps, so I’ll give her a little bit of credit, I guess.

And after he pulls out the win, he reiterates to us that he is NOT going to take Vanessa to the final 2 and that he has to take Liz so that he shows off that he’s the one who made the biggest move of the entire season by evicting her.

At the jury house fireside chat, we learn mostly what we already know about the jury members. Shelli REALLY wants Vanessa to win because as James put it, she was going to work every day, she wasn’t just in the Big Brother house to sit by the pool, play in the comps, and make friends, she was (the only one) playing to win. Although I did agree with them about her “swearing” on people to get her farther in the game. As I don’t find that as offputting as some people might, however the “swearing on the gay community” thing isn’t necessary. Like they said, there wasn’t any reason to really do/say that. You can keep swearing on your life and Mel, and your chances of winning, your family, whatever, but there’s no reason to bring the gay card into it like it’s a race card or anything!! Besides, those people were all doing what you were saying anyway, so you didn’t even need to talk, you could’ve just sat silent and you would have won, probably. Also, I enjoy the fact that you called out Audrey for her swearing on her life, yet apparently that’s ALL you did all season long…such a hypocrite she is. Also, people who use the “I swear” card are the LEAST trustworthy people in this world. There has to come a time when people learn this about people.

Back to the jury members as I digress (for possibly the last time this season), Johnny now hates Steve and Julia thinks he’s a coward (which is true), but all that talk just smells like bitter sh!t turds coming out of their mouths because they lost the game, which I can’t blame them for because I’d most definitely be the same way. As for the talk about Liz “getting through” the twin twist and showmance, that’s just simply not true. She didn’t have to get through anything with these houseguests, they all just let her. Nobody wanted to go after anyone this season, choosing to go the safe route each week, and plus nobody outside of Liz’s alliance really ever won and when they did, they went after the other showmance, so again she didn’t have to get through anything, she just simply walked through it calmly because nobody cared about winning this season and just let a threesome make it all the way to the end together…kudos to everyone else for sucking. You all deserve to be at home or in the jury.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother Finale Recap – 9/23/15

  1. Seeing Liz’s answers and final speech, I got why Vanessa would have taken her over Steve. She knew that, like Steve, she could make an argument for the win while Liz would have nothing but “I love you guys” and Austin and Julia’s votes. I think that could have overcome some of the bitterness. Steve clearly knew the types of questions which would be asked and had reasonable answers.
    Liz is in a pageant gown and Steve is casually dressed. I guess he didn’t pack a suit but the women have somehow packed tons of clothes.
    I didn’t like Vanessa’s “spiteful” “I won 4.5 million dollars.” Derek’s disclosure that he was an undercover policeman and used that knowledge to help him was okay. She could have just said “I have been a professional poker player for years, not a DJ.” and left it at that instead of saying she is rich and is somehow better than them. Was her Liz vote just bitterness? I think Vanessa had the best case for winning but I don’t feel bad about how it turned out.

  2. Thanks for the recaps! Your comments and humor made the season bearable, given how much I didn’t care who won as long as it was NOT Vanessa. Yay, NOT Vanessa!

  3. Thanks for all of the recaps! I enjoyed them more than most of this season. And you are totally right that comments dropped off (from me at least) because of the season – I felt like I just kept repeating the same things!

    Not really sure I’m too excited about the outcome. I really didn’t think either Steve or Liz deserved to win. Definitely not Liz and it does suck that she got some money. Oh well. At least BB is renewed for Summer 2016!

  4. The ending was great. Glad Steve didn’t want to be last year’s Cody. That season with Derrick was very boring until the last show. Steve could have easily backed away and taken the easier route like what was done most of this show, but he made it interesting. Vanessa’s mention of her $4.5m made me not feel bad for her at all. There were so many she eliminated who really needed that money.

    Thanks for the recaps Scott – see you next summer. Or maybe you will be back for Amazing Race – I will check back. I like this smaller forum – easier to get through all the comments and even feel compelled to add my own.

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