Big Brother Recap – 9/14/15

So…yet another Sunday night episode where we’re clearing up who wins HoH. And the only real observation I have to make from the comp is that yes, John, your resume does look terrible on paper. And when spoken out loud. You have won some Veto’s, yes, but for whatever reason, the jury never cares much about people who have won ONLY Veto’s…it’s all about having that HoH key around your neck all week, and several other weeks throughout the season. You’ve won zero, so sure, start winning them now…

…which, of course he doesn’t as Vanessa pulls out the win over him by a narrow margin. Now, even though we’ve all felt as if Vanessa had to choose sides many other weeks throughout the season, THIS week she’s definitely going to have to choose sides as there are only two sides left, with her pointing out every so weirdly that she’s up against two showmances and she’s the fifth wheel in the house. Funny how she feels that way when she also feels as if … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

So…it only took 632 episodes of this season before it started getting interesting! All it took was someone FINALLY having the balls to make the move everyone else should have been making all season long by trying to break up Austin and Liz, as well as Austin and the twin sisters. In all seriousness, though, if Steve hadn’t put two of them up on the block together, I’m fairly certain everyone in America would have rioted. Even if they don’t watch this show!

Anyway, the episode starts off with more of Liz crying. It must be devastating to have to actually play the game now, right? After just being on vacation for 75+ days or whatever it is, to have to actually put some thought into what she needs to say and do in order to stay in the game must be extremely difficult.

And we go from her tears to Austin’s delusions to this making him a hero. Right on, Jesus! Right on. You’ll be forever revered and remembered as a national hero … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 9/7/15

I’m trying something new for this blog. Instead of drinking while the show was on and being tipsy for my blog, I earned my 60 minutes sober chip while watching the show and flushed it right down the toilet as I’m going to drink while writing my blog. So play a little game with yourself and see if you can tell at what point I started feeling tipsy. I can promise I won’t get drunk at all, because an entire bottle of wine doesn’t do that to me anymore, but the tips will happen, for certain. I say around page 2, paragraph 8, but you never know, I didn’t have dinner tonight so it could be fairly soon.

And also, before I get too tipsy, I wanted to do a bit of self promotion here. I don’t do it too often, but I felt the time was right. And since I am sure I lose a good portion of you before you reach the end of the blog, I figured I’d place it right here, … Continue reading

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