Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

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Anyway, I digress. They pick names out and that decides the order they go in. Liz “fastly” makes work of Steve, who somehow fell over after spinning, got back up, stumbled some more and STILL got 3 balls up the ramp before 15 seconds were over. I know 15 seconds when counted out is longer than you may think, but I don’t think those 15 seconds were counted correctly. Plus, Liz fumbled just about every bowling ball she picked up and tried finding the finger holes in them instead of just rolling them up with both hands, but still would get 3 or 4 balls up each time up. Whatever, Scott, the season’s are all rigged, so just get over it already.

Speaking of rigged, I’m sure some of you read the article that was posted on a few blogs and websites about how an “inside source” has let it out that CBS has rigged this season to allow Vanessa to win so they can promote a CBS poker show she has coming out in the future. Again, nobody cares, nobody’s going to watch that damn show anyway, so even if she does end up winning, it’ll never be proven it was rigged and even if it is, we’re all still suckers and will still watch BB18 next year, BB19 the next year after that, and BB20 after that. So, let’s just move on from that and just be proud of ourselves that we’re not stupid enough to believe that these shows aren’t rigged in some way or another. Personally, I never feel as if the actual winner is rigged, but I do feel as if some votes during the season are directed a certain way, as well as nominations and maybe certain comps as well. But, I doubt they actually tell the jury who to vote for.

Speaking of rigged (again), come on Julia…we’re supposed to believe that just because Vanessa happened to tell you to pick Austin RIGHT BEFORE your turn came up, you actually did it?!? B!tch, please. We know production told you to do that and then just had Vanessa mention that so they could air it on the show, and more drama would ensue from that. If the plan is to throw it to Julia, it’s almost smart to have her pick Austin or Liz so that they can just throw it to her and she’ll immediately move farther in the game, and then just hope that the next person doesn’t choose her. This way, she only has to beat one person or two, rather than everyone. If she picks John, would you really trust her to beat John anyway? Sure, if she picked Vanessa, she MIGHT be able to beat her, but there was no way she was beating John. So her picking Austin actually was a good idea, but only if someone else could have taken out John so that the Austwins were the final three standing. BUT…still, it created a fake controversy in the house (and in Austin’s head) and got Austin all worked up thinking that he was now a target and nobody was telling him. ALSO…you can’t tell me that Johnny was the only one who heard Vanessa say that to her. I highly doubt Liz, who was like 2 seats away didn’t hear her say that. So, let’s cut the BS and just call it what it is and these people are all just actors playing a role in one big rigged festival show! That’s the article I want to read one day, not just that the show is rigged for one person to win…

At the end of the day, Austin ends up winning the Veto and celebrates in a manner that can only be summed up one way: #JudasIsLame, I mean #JudasIsHere. But he’s also lame. Who screams like that right after the Veto and only in top 6 about everyone trying to gun after him?!? Don’t be so stupid, Austin. Plus, you just (possibly…and hopefully) sealed your girlfriends fate in the game, so maybe don’t overreact so much! Sure, be excited, but downplay it a little. A pump of the fist is cool, maybe yell out a few woo’s, but don’t go screaming about how Judas is here and everyone needs to worry about him! Moron. So of course Liz is mad at him about the way he’s acting.

So with Vanessa being the manipulative one that changed Julia’s mind about who to pick, Jiz confront her in the bathroom and let her know that they’re not pleased with her actions. Of course Vanessa throws out the “I’m a game theory expert” bullsh!t that these idiots are eating up this season, but still, if the twins had a plan and Vanessa talked them out of it, she’s a b!tch. Plain and simple. If anyone else in the house had done that, they wouldn’t have listened/believed one word that person said about why they did it. I mean, come on you two, don’t you get it that she did it to save her own @ss? Who cares if the idea behind it actually made sense (which it did), it still went AGAINST YOUR PLAN and only ended up saving her in the end, and now both of you girls are going to be on the block together and she’s going to be sitting pretty another week! Who cares that it made a little sense, why even listen to what she has to say? You two are so stupid and should know how stupid you are and how easily influenced you are by others, so just stay away from her, be mad at her, and get her out next week. Don’t give in to her bullsh!t.

I was proud of Vanessa for bringing up the fact that if Austin truly was supposed to throw it to her, why didn’t he. That’s the only point she needed to make, not all this other game theory bs that the twins don’t get anyway. If the plan was to throw it to Julia, why didn’t he. That’s it. Plain and simple. Vanessa’s right in that sense. Of course, in reality, Austin didn’t throw it because he felt there was a new plan that he wasn’t in on and then felt he needed to win it, but that didn’t matter in that moment that Vanessa and Julia were having the conversation. All that mattered was that everyone hangs on to every word Vanessa says as the Holy Bible truth in life, so Austin’s pretty much screwed with any rebuttal at this point.

After they get over the whole being mad at Vanessa thing, we get to see the wrath of Liz towards Austin! She’s mad at him because he’s not like Clay and is just selfish! First off, that’s a terrible analogy. Clay didn’t win the Veto. They were just both nominated and it was most likely that he was going home anyway, so he just kept pushing for that. And I’m sure they didn’t show as much about him trying to stay, but I guarantee he did try and have some conversations about staying, but he was just ready to go as it was. He knew that either way, they wouldn’t get to be in jury together, so why not just go home and bang some high school seniors and flirt with tweens on twitter all day! He didn’t come on the show to win, he’s a model and just wanted to get his face out to the world to gain more fame and collect checks off of that, a la Cassi from a few years back. And several other people every other season. So let’s get over the whole Clay laying down his game for Shelli. If he had won the Veto that week, I have no doubt he would have used it on himself or at least worked a deal where if he used it on Shelli, he’d get to hand pick the person going up in her place, as it most likely would have been Vanessa.

With how angry she is at him, she decides it may be time to end it with the ponytail bearded one…and of course, with any girl, a bashing session comes right after the breakup, with her laughing at Julia throwing all his clothes around, calling him ugly, and making fun of him any way she can. At least she did say he was kinda cute without the ponytail beard. I’m sure Austin will love hearing that one back when he gets back home and watches the show! That’ll be reassuring for his standing in her eyes.

But since they’re not in the real world and have to see each other just about every second of the day, they end up kissing and making up, probably 42 seconds after she just got done making fun of him and considering how ugly he was! Congratulations, Austin! You got yourself a keeper there. You definitely didn’t “ruin your life” for nothing.

The episode ends with Austin using the Veto on himself and Julia going up in his place. I swear to everything that’s Holy in this world that if Julia goes home over Liz, I may consider NOT blogging the episode. Of course, you won’t know about this plan until after the episode already airs, but the idea of these people being THAT stupid annoys me enough to make that proclamation now.

Plus, football starts on Thursday night and a new season of Longmire got released on Netflix and I work until 10:30 at night, so……….


2 thoughts on “Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

  1. Did you see Austin’s face on Thursday when Julie was talking to the group and JohnnyMac did his dorky laugh thing that I think he totally plays up in the DR as his persona, that the rest of the house doesn’t see? Austin was visibly taken aback when Johnny did that. I thought that was interesting. I found his interview with Julie when he got evicted laden with that persona that everyone is just eating up – and now that I know it’s fake, it’s really, really annoying me. If he was really like that it could be endearing. but even his coworkers and family hadn’t seen ‘that side’ of him before so now it just feels manipulative. Even though I know they are all actors anyway.

  2. For them to throw it to Julia, the other players (John and Vanessa) would need to be knocked out so she chose Austin too soon. As it turned out, John was very good at the challenge and would have smoked her so it didn’t make a difference. Once she was out, John threw it to Austin as he didn’t care. I can only guess that Vanessa decided to keep her Austin and Liz alliance going and John realize that voting against Liz when she stayed would make her target him.

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