Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

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So…it only took 632 episodes of this season before it started getting interesting! All it took was someone FINALLY having the balls to make the move everyone else should have been making all season long by trying to break up Austin and Liz, as well as Austin and the twin sisters. In all seriousness, though, if Steve hadn’t put two of them up on the block together, I’m fairly certain everyone in America would have rioted. Even if they don’t watch this show!

Anyway, the episode starts off with more of Liz crying. It must be devastating to have to actually play the game now, right? After just being on vacation for 75+ days or whatever it is, to have to actually put some thought into what she needs to say and do in order to stay in the game must be extremely difficult.

And we go from her tears to Austin’s delusions to this making him a hero. Right on, Jesus! Right on. You’ll be forever revered and remembered as a national hero for saving yourself, your girlfriend, and possibly her twin sister as well. I can’t wait to see the statue created in your honor. Let’s just move on from this…

As we move into hearing Steve talk about how this move is going to be the move to sway the jury house into believing he’s a true contender to win, I wanted to rag on him for it, but I actually think he’s right. With nobody really doing anything at all this season, and every single HoH this season has been too chicken sh!t to nominate the actual target in the house, Steve will come off as someone making a bold move and give the jury a reason to consider voting for him to win. If he goes on a mini winning streak here at the end of the show, I think he’d have a good chance if he makes the final two. It all just depends on who he’s sitting next to, as well. I don’t know how everyone will vote, but at this point, if they don’t vote as a jaded player, and Vanessa’s in that final two, they’d have to vote for her. But, people vote for dumb reasons all the time on reality shows, so you never know. Dare I say that Julia even has a chance at winning…yikes!

I’m really hoping that whichever twin doesn’t get voted out just leaves too, because I’m tired of hearing their voices. Liz crying and talking about how she’d never “do that” to Steve is just stupid. Honestly, I can understand why someone says that being in the position she’s in, but just the way her voice rings around my brain every time she talks makes me hate every single thing she says. Also, I’m pretty sure you would do something like that to him. If you had won this HoH, him and John were most definitely going up, just like they did a few weeks ago when Austin was HoH and you had every opportunity to turn those nominations, but didn’t. So don’t hold yourself up so high thinking you wouldn’t stab Steve in the back like that. Again, I get it that she’s just upset, but that voice makes me upset so I can say whatever the hell I want about her in this moment here…and no, I won’t get over myself!

Oh my God, why is Jessie aka “Mr. Pectacular” back?!? Is it just the wrestling comparison with Austin? Was he in town this week? This whole season has just been awkward with these “twists” and celebrity/past houseguests’ guest appearances. I mean, Britney just gets an interview with Julie but Jessie gets to host a Veto? And JUST host a Veto? Why? Seems like a waste. I get it that everyone in the house is playing in the Veto, but not like they even need a host, really. They could have just all came outside and read the rules and picked numbers out of a hat or something. But I guess having Jessie on the show and NOT advertising it will add to the views…

2 thoughts on “Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

  1. Did you see Austin’s face on Thursday when Julie was talking to the group and JohnnyMac did his dorky laugh thing that I think he totally plays up in the DR as his persona, that the rest of the house doesn’t see? Austin was visibly taken aback when Johnny did that. I thought that was interesting. I found his interview with Julie when he got evicted laden with that persona that everyone is just eating up – and now that I know it’s fake, it’s really, really annoying me. If he was really like that it could be endearing. but even his coworkers and family hadn’t seen ‘that side’ of him before so now it just feels manipulative. Even though I know they are all actors anyway.

  2. For them to throw it to Julia, the other players (John and Vanessa) would need to be knocked out so she chose Austin too soon. As it turned out, John was very good at the challenge and would have smoked her so it didn’t make a difference. Once she was out, John threw it to Austin as he didn’t care. I can only guess that Vanessa decided to keep her Austin and Liz alliance going and John realize that voting against Liz when she stayed would make her target him.

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