Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

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I figure I’ll be nice (and semi professional) and actually write this blog/recap, but I can’t promise it’s going to be terribly long. I’m just in shock about this idiocy.

So there are tears everywhere after the Veto meeting, John doesn’t feel bad about it, nor should he. He’s been on the block so much this season and actually evicted at one point, so everything from here on out is just coming up roses for John. The rest of these people need to feel what it’s like to be on the block and having the unsettling knowledge that it may be their last week in the house.

More crying by the pool now…can we just fast forward all of this and vote one of them out and put a stop to all of this crying. There have been a lot of tears this season, more than any other if I had to guess. Through the tears, both sisters tell each other that they want to sacrifice themselves for the other. Unbelievably, I actually believe both of them when they say it. However, come on people, you can campaign without bashing the other person. All you’re doing is offering the other folks in the house a reason to KEEP you, not EVICT your sister. You just have to offer up suggestions that make it seem like a better idea to keep you in the house instead of the other nominee. This whole “I can’t campaign against you” thing is just plain stupid. I know there have been past seasons where people have said and done this, but it’s just getting ridiculous. Play Big Brother like you want to win, please. Let’s stop putting people in the house who aren’t willing to do things to actually win the game.

Oh Lord, Vanessa realizes she’s the swing vote. Now we know why what happened, happened. She seems to just be doing things just to do them. Oh it makes sense to do this, I’ll do that. It’s the better idea to evict this nominee, nope, I’m going to evict that one.

And Julia definitely knows and understands she should be the one to go this week because she has absolutely NO CHANCE to win and her sister has every chance to do so. Good for her to recognize that and give up her game for her sister. It takes a big person to admit that you know you suck.

Austin turns to Vanessa to let her know that Julia wants to be voted out, hoping that Vanessa will honor that. In return, Vanessa wants them to make a deal with her to pretty much let her win the game. Sure, Vanessa, why not! At least Liz makes mention that she realizes what Vanessa is asking for in this deal and is SAYING she’s going to go against that deal in the future.

Vanessa then goes and talks to Steve about keeping Liz over Julia because everyone in the house may keep Julia until the end like Victoria last year. Let me just say this Vanessa…AND?!? I mean, don’t you want to keep Julia until the end and basically gift wrap $500,000 for yourself? Nobody is going to vote for Julia to win this game, so you should absolutely keep her in the house! I get it that you’re worried that you will be a bigger threat to those who might win HoH, but you also have to remember that you’d be keeping someone who would probably NEVER beat you in any HoH comp. I just don’t get why you’d keep someone who’s won 3 HoHs and is also a somewhat-favorite to some people in the house and jury house. It’s just stupid logic to me from this game theory expert. But hey, the game’s been rigged for her so it doesn’t matter what she does.

Also, why in the world would Steve and John agree to this? Why would you ever keep a major comp threat this late in the game? Again, the fact that Vanessa can talk these people into these things is all the reason she deserves to win. I don’t know if it’s manipulation from her or just stupidity from the others. Either way, as mad as it makes me how stupid these people are, you have to congratulate Vanessa for making every single week work in her favor. And people will literally talk to everyone else about how manipulative she is, yet they sit by every word that she says and goes by it like they have to. It’s like she’s heroin and all of these folks are druggies walking around with the itch.

So, if you couldn’t tell by now, Julia got voted out. And this season is just dumb.

And yet again, we leave another Thursday night show WITHOUT KNOWING WHO WINS HOH!!!!! Good goodness.

Also, the schedule changed and now the show will be on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I’d assume you can come back here on Thursday and find my blog posted, so look for that. Or just come back on Friday and read it a day late. Either way, I love you for it.

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother Recap – 9/11/15

  1. Did you see Austin’s face on Thursday when Julie was talking to the group and JohnnyMac did his dorky laugh thing that I think he totally plays up in the DR as his persona, that the rest of the house doesn’t see? Austin was visibly taken aback when Johnny did that. I thought that was interesting. I found his interview with Julie when he got evicted laden with that persona that everyone is just eating up – and now that I know it’s fake, it’s really, really annoying me. If he was really like that it could be endearing. but even his coworkers and family hadn’t seen ‘that side’ of him before so now it just feels manipulative. Even though I know they are all actors anyway.

  2. For them to throw it to Julia, the other players (John and Vanessa) would need to be knocked out so she chose Austin too soon. As it turned out, John was very good at the challenge and would have smoked her so it didn’t make a difference. Once she was out, John threw it to Austin as he didn’t care. I can only guess that Vanessa decided to keep her Austin and Liz alliance going and John realize that voting against Liz when she stayed would make her target him.

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