Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

Oh, Vanessa, stop feeding us some BS lines…we all know that nobody in this world (including those that don’t even watch this show) believe you when you say you think Meg and James are a strong couple. We all know what you really meant, and you even alluded to it right after you said they’re a strong couple when you said you want to get as little blood on your hands as possible. This girl really needs to get over herself. She’s Derrick all over again, an obvious competitor and practicing manipulator who’s playing a game of manipulation with a bunch of mentally challenged folks who just wanted to get on Big Brother for a vacation. I respect the fact that she’s actually thinking out strategy and everything, and honestly believe she’s the only person in the house deserving of the check, BUT I’m annoyed to no end that she even thinks she needs to strategize at this point. It’s almost as if she’s dumber than the other people in the house for believing she … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 8/31/15

Blah, blah, blah, yet another Sunday night episode where we pick up where we left off on Thursday night, not knowing the HoH…except I DO KNOW WHO THE HOH IS because the damn internet exists and you have live damn feeds that people pay money to use and they find out information and then post it on said internet for all of us to see. Get over yourself, Big Brother, and please end the cliffhanger episodes just so you have a cheap 15 minutes to edit the next episode!

Anyway, in the end it was all four of the jurors and Vanessa hanging on to their ropes for the opportunity to call themselves HoH (or in the case of the jurors, just making it back into the house). And, as Jackie, Shelli, and Becky fell on their @sses and happily made their way out of the backyard, you can see just how all these folks were just happy to make it to jury and get to spend another month or so in vacation mode … Continue reading

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Big Brother Recap – 8/28/15

This season is another one of those weird seasons where the only person I think deserves to win (Vanessa) is the same person I get mad at other people for NOT getting out! So, if they did get her out, in the end, I’d be pissed because someone who (I felt) didn’t deserve to win the game would win, but if they don’t get her out, I’m going to be mad that they’re idiots leaving her in the game, but then at least somewhat satisfied if she does win. Follow along with that? Anyone else feel the same way? I just don’t understand how nobody else sees how she’s most likely to be the biggest threat in the end, so why keep her in the house? Just put her @ss in jury and let her bitterly vote for whichever one of you losers deserves it the most.

Speaking of nobody aiming to get Vanessa out, we start the episode with the producers speaking through Austin’s mouth, telling us that he’s still considering backdooring her this … Continue reading

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