Big Brother Recap – 8/17/15

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Just like how last episode ended with all of us not knowing why Steve did what he did, last night’s episode began with everyone in the house thinking the same way. Nobody knew why he did what he did, but the only thing they can come up with is that someone had to be in his ear giving him some misinformation. And in all honesty, I don’t really remember when Jackie was the HoH and if she ever did mention Steve’s name, but I know he wasn’t the main target. But still, in the Big Brother house, even if you just TALK about nominating someone, that person is going to to take it as if you’re targeting them or will at some point in the future. So his philosophy on why he wanted Jackie out wasn’t completely flawed, but it was still a missed opportunity. Although, like I said before, nobody at this point is a bigger threat than others, so getting anybody from the “other side” out is of equal value.

Steve informs us that he was trying to throw the HoH competition, but if that’s the case, why not throw it on one of the first 6 or 7 questions that were asked before that final question?!? I don’t buy into his whole “whoa is me, I didn’t want that HoH” game. I’m sure he meant it when he was saying it, but there was no way he walked into that HoH competition wanting to throw it. He just got done with a week where he was on the block and had to win a Veto to get himself off, so I don’t think he felt 100% safe that he could just up and throw it like that. I do think that once he got down to the final three and felt comfortable with either of the other two winning, he thought it might be best to throw it, but in no way does that mean he was trying to throw it the whole time and he didn’t want the HoH at all. He just felt bad for what he did, probably understands he made a mistake wasting his HoH on getting out Jackie, but also realizing that he messed up the game he was trying to play by now showing his cards and picking sides.

The flashbacks showed us that, surprise surprise, it was Vanessa that put it into Steve’s ear that Jackie was “targeting” him when she was HoH. I’m pretty certain that at some point in the house, Vanessa has told each houseguest that everyone who has been HoH has targeted them for eviction. The girl is just playing too hard and needs to calm down a bit, but she’s too deep now so there’s no turning back for her.

My favorite part of that entire Steve scene was his “I just lost Big Brother.” No Steve, you never won Big Brother. And you never will. You haven’t even played this season. Your entire “strategy” to not talk to people, not strategize with groups, form alliances, or win competitions is what lost you Big Brother. None of the people left in the house are going to vote for you to win in a final 2 right now. Not even if you’re in there with Meg, who has probably done less than you, game-wise, but at least has formed relationships with people who will be in the jury and vote for the winner. Sure, you’re turning it up lately with the victories, but voters in the jury tend to not reward people who don’t play the first 50 days of the game, but start winning things towards the end. This could be the season that begets that, but who knows. I don’t see it happening.

And…it’s DEFINITELY not going to help you to fake cry on Jiz’s shoulders and then tell them and Vanessa that you can’t talk right now. People just think that you’re weird and soft, and that’s not someone they vote to win this ruthless game. Plus, you completely helped their alliance with what you did, so of course they’ll offer that shoulder to cry on, but in no way do they care about how you feel about what you did – they just want to pat you on the back for helping make it easier for one of them to win the game.

After his 50% acting, 100% awkward moment, Steve heads on over to talk to Meg and Becky to help smooth things over with them. It’s a crazy game inside that house, because just minutes before, those two were probably cussing him out and feeling defeated, but as soon as you see that person again, you have to tell yourself it’s a game and even if you want to punch him in the face, you have to act friendly and tell him you understand why he did what he did and don’t blame him for doing it. Which is exactly what Becky and Meg. They take this opportunity with Steve to let him know that they don’t believe he was in full control of himself and that they’re blaming Vanessa for his 45 second HoH reign, and getting out one of their main allies. This is great news to Steve since everyone in the house seems to be against Vanessa, yet the b!tch WAS JUST ON THE BLOCK AND COULD HAVE BEEN VOTED OUT AND NOBODY DID IT!!! But whatevs, they’ve known all along that Vanessa is running the house, yet they continue to keep allowing her to do it, so I’m sure the next time someone wins HoH, they’ll nominate Vanessa, plan to get her out all week, but then they’ll sneeze in the backyard and someone won’t say bless you to them so Vanessa will bring that up to them and that person will then get voted out because they’re obviously after them and targeting them, even though they’re not HoH. Good talk.

At the HoH competition (which coming into tonight, I completely forgot we’d get to see), Liz ends up winning and power is then restored to the “good guys,” as Austin would say. So just another week where Vanessa gets out who she wants and Liz will talk in the DR about how she’s not going to listen to such and such and this and that from Vanessa, but will end up doing exactly what Vanessa says.

2 thoughts on “Big Brother Recap – 8/17/15

  1. Was out of town for a while so I had to binge watch the last 4/5 episodes. I really liked Vanessa up until now – what is with the flip-flopping and cry baby behavior?? She’s taking everything so personally which you can’t do in a game like this. Not sure who to root for now… She kind of went down a few notches for me.

    Clay is an f-ing moron for handing over the vote to Shelli. How stupid can he really be? Maybe he thought he was on the Bachelor and not Big Brother and forgot that the end goal was to win money, not a girlfriend. Why would the other houseguests vote him out instead of Shelli? Are they too stupid to know that Shelli’s running that duo? Not that it matters b/c she got the boot in the next elimination anyhow.

    Wow Becky sure seemed to let that HOH title go to her head! She was being downright nasty to some of the other people and was pretty high on her horse – too bad NO ONE followed through on her plan – what the hell were they all thinking that every single person voted out shelli? I was kind of surprised by that.

    Then Steve – he sure has a delusional view of his stance in the game. His non-existent stance. And after all the bitching he did about Becky and hating her, he nominates two seemingly random people? What the hell??

    This season is just so weird to me. Thank God we at least are starting to see some strategizing and game talk among people other than the 6th sense alliance members.

    Sorry for backtracking a bit – but these things were bugging me when I was watching these last few episodes!!

  2. Becky mishandled Vanessa and got burned. Same for Johnny. Crybaby Steve is the angels’ bitch.

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