Big Brother Recap – 8/21/15

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So the show starts off with a complete BS statement from Liz, telling us that she could backdoor Vanessa this week after all the sh!t everyone is telling her about what she’s doing in the house. Yeah right, Liz. We all know the producers are just making you say this so that they have something to show us and to fill up time on tonight’s episode. We all know you’re not going to actually backdoor Vanessa. Even if John or Becky win the Veto and use it on themselves, you’d just put up Meg or James so that the other one goes out. Nice try. Not buying it. Does anybody else wonder what this show would look like if production didn’t ask them questions in the DR and they just let them talk? Part of me actually thinks it might be better and that these people are paranoid enough that they’d end up talking themselves into doing something stupid, rather than production always leading them towards one direction or another. Next time you’re completely by yourself, start talking about your coworkers or your family and see where you end up going with it after 10 minutes. I talk to myself all the time, and will usually start on one topic and end up on something completely random and off the wall, so I think the production team should try this out one season and just truly leave these people in a house alone with just each other.

Speaking of production, I wonder if Becky is tired of them making her use terrible train puns. I know I’m tired of hearing them, so I’d imagine she’s tired of having to say them. Leave the poor girl alone. Her face got ran over by a train. I think she’s gone through enough not to have to relive it over and over again for some stupid reality TV show. More than that, we’re the ones truly getting hit in the face by the pun train over and over again. It’s just ugly at this point.

Back to the game, I guess. And when I say “game,” I mean Vanessa since she’s really the only one playing it. And playing it TOO MUCH. After just getting done bashing Bobcat to the twins and Austin and telling them that he should maybe be the target this week instead of Becky, and being pissed at him for not getting the response from him that she wanted, she decides she wants to smooth it over with him. Am I hearing that right, Vanessa? You want to smooth what over with him? You’re the one pissed off at him, so wouldn’t that then be him trying to smooth it over with you? I’m so lost with this girl. She’s here, she’s there, her game is nonstop, her lies are intertwined and everlasting, I just need a breather from her. Telling John that he shouldn’t worry, yet she just came downstairs from talking about how he should be the target?!? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s almost like she blacks out every 30 minutes or so and just completely forgets what she just did and ends up undoing it after she comes to again. I’m starting to think that Vanessa might be autistic, where in most settings she’s just a wreck to be around, but has that one arena that calms her and allows her to concentrate long enough to think rationally (poker). I’m not saying anything negative about being autistic, just pointing it out that she most definitely could be.

Oh God, now Liz wants Bobcat out because he’s angry and moping around? Does anyone reading this right now NOT think Liz would be the biggest moper in Big Brother history if she was ever nominated for eviction? I’m almost hoping Liz and Julia win first and second place just so we never have to hear their annoying @ss voices in the diary room the entire week they’re nominated or if they’re nominated together! Oh man, could you imagine? I might suspend the blog for that week just because there’s no way I’d want to watch any of those episodes. This is just another one of those things where people play the game too personally and want to get rid of someone just because they don’t like them and that’s the dumbest way to play. You’re not there to make friends, you’re there to win half a million dollars and if getting out one of your “friends” over someone you dislike gets you closer to that, you do it. So YES, backdooring Vanessa is the right move to make here, securing Becky as a future ally (maybe if only for one week) and getting out the biggest threat to everyone’s game right now. You don’t just vote out Bobcat because he’s moping around. Of course he is. And you know you would be, too. I very much dislike hypocrites.

At least Liz and Austin reached out to Bobcat, so they could get his side of the story and find out what’s going on with him and see if it has anything to do with Vanessa. She gets brought up within seconds of the start of the conversation and they all agree that she’s a terrible person and needs to go. Austin even makes the point that “we’re playing her game.” Which is so true. But at least they understand this. Now they just need to act on it. Liz even mentions how this is ANOTHER person coming to her with information about Vanessa that she doesn’t like hearing and how she needs to probably start listening to all of these people and probably take more stock into their words than the ones coming out of Vanessa’s mouth. And if you’re so annoyed with John moping around and wanting him out for it, why aren’t you annoyed enough to get Vanessa out for never shutting up, always talking about game, and constantly crying about her place in the game, alliance, and becoming the new Shelli.

Oh goodness, why is Bobcat saying he’s going to throw the Veto? And he sounds so excited about it! Perhaps all of the competition throwing he did earlier in the game got to his head and he’s making a new game out of that with himself. I have no idea, but why do you care about building trust with Austin and the twins? And to do that by throwing the Veto competition that can save you in this game? I just don’t get this guy at all. I feel like this is the season where most people are thinking that not winning comps is going to help you win the entire game. This is just insane.

The Veto comp starts and we find that it’s the OTEV competition! Always a favorite of the season. But the one thing I’ve noticed about the past few seasons is that the questions they ask are just too obvious. I think I’d like for them to ask some questions that are a bit thought-provoking and maybe has a few of the houseguests answering wrongly. I know that it’s more about finding the right answer and then getting back to the stumps, but it might make it a tad more interesting if it’s possible that someone got the answer wrong. I think I remember in the past some houseguests getting the answer wrong and I’d imagine that would only happen if the question wasn’t so obvious. But I could be remembering wrong…

Anyway, Liz wins and has all the power this week. I guess we’ll see if she’s going to live up to all this Vanessa talk and do what she says/should do. And yes I know she hasn’t said she’s for sure going to backdoor her, but she’s implied it enough for us to believe it’s viable. Way more viable than we all actually should believe.

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