Big Brother Recap – 8/24/15

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Meg brings to Austin the fact that Vanessa always gets what she wants every week and how she manipulates everyone’s HoH from nominations to Veto to eviction. Austin agrees and knows this to be true, yet he goes right back to being scared to do it because of his numbers. I do get it that he can be worried about that, but didn’t he JUST get done telling us that he has an alliance with EVERYONE in the house?!? Why worry about Vanessa going home? Everyone would thank you for finally getting rid of her and probably vow to keep you safe to final 2. Just do it, Austin. Please. Just do it for the sake of the game.

The whole Steve being a pawn conversation was as awkward as can be. I felt bad for Steve being in that position as everyone else is just being a b!tch about this whole nobody wanting to be a pawn thing. They all know they don’t want to be a pawn either, yet they’re going to fault someone else for feeling the same way? And even though Vanessa’s points about why Steve should go up instead of her made SOME sense, it’s still a sh!tty thing to put that much pressure on someone to do something you’re telling them they should be ok doing, yet you’re arguing with them because you don’t want to do it yourself? I loved the “we all need to be willing to be a pawn.” Oh really, Vanessa?!? If that’s true, you be the pawn. Austin is asking you to do it, too, so why not be the team player and take one for the team, be the pawn, and end this whole awkward confrontation between an alliance.

Real quick, I’m 93% sure Austin and Liz won’t be together 3 hours after the live finale ends. Once she gets out of the house and breathes in some fresh air, it’ll wash the Austin stink off her body, she’ll see a cute guy at the wrap party, probably blow him behind the bar, and move on with her life…

Before Steve brought it up to Austin, I was saying that the fact that Austin is SO against putting up Meg and James it should tell everyone else that they’re beneath those two in the Big Brother totem pole. If anyone outright tells you that they don’t want to nominate a certain person, you can bet your @ss they have some sort of deal with that person and they’re 100% willing to evict you before they do them. And I appreciate the fact that Steve brought this up to them, because he has every right to do so. Of course, it probably won’t sit well with the HoH to be called out like that, but sometimes you still just have to do it. Sometimes, even though you know it won’t change the person’s mind, you have to let them know you know what they’re doing/thinking. Let them know they’re not as slick as they think they are and bump their ego down a notch or two. And while you’re at it, spit on Liz’s face as you walk out of the room. Do it and then say “This is for America.”

And of course Vanessa comes clean to Austin right after she gets concerned that Austin is going to nominate her for eviction. But, of course she only does it when Austin asks her…AGAIN! She outright lied the first time he asked her, in front of others, but now she’s going to admit to it?!? Come on, Austin, and you think there’s even a tiny, remote chance she’s doing this for something other than game? Come on, bro! Bro, come on! Bro. Be a bro. Don’t buy into it and put the damn girl up.

But he doesn’t. He puts up John and Steve to sit next to each other on the block. Because he’s a loser. And we all knew he would do it. Another lame week where someone who has no chance of winning the game will go home. And then they’ll have the chance to come right back in the house and leave again right after that!

At least Austin saved the best for last with his whole “Life is meaningless because we’re going to die” speech! What. In. The. Actual. F*ck. Just because we’re going to die doesn’t make life meaningless. There’s no way you believe that, either. You just want to sound smart and say something profound on live camera. Well…you failed at that. Good try, though. I could go into a whole thing about this, but I’ll save you the trouble of hearing me preach the gospel of life and how it matters.

So, just have a good rest of your Monday…or whatever day it is when you’re reading this…and let’s all reconvene to watch Vanessa NOT go home on Thursday…

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One thought on “Big Brother Recap – 8/24/15

  1. I swear we were thinking the SAME things watching this episode! No one is going to get Vanessa out – she’s going to walk straight to the finale and deserve to win every penny.

    And I also thought the same thing about her “false start”. Thought maybe I wasn’t paying attention but she just basically got up and walked away from that HOH. Not sure why she felt she didn’t need to win it though? False sense of safety b/c she’s making so many deals with people?

    Liz is really getting on my nerves with some of the “valley girl”-like talk.

    Austin’s nomination speech was stupid. Made no sense to me and was so unnecessary.

    It will def be interesting to see if he follows through with any backdoor plans for V this week. I’m pretty doubtful but maybe he’ll come to his senses….

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