Big Brother Recap – 8/24/15

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It seems that whenever we start Sunday’s episode without knowing who the HoH is, I forget that fact and get a little surprise nugget that there’s still HoH competition left to watch. The reason why I forget that is because I look up who wins HoH on Thursday night and know it the whole weekend and expect to just see the rundown up until the nomination ceremony on Sunday. But, we have to first see who wins HoH, even though I’m sure 75% or more of the people watching the episode already know…

Anyway, before we find out who wins, we get Austin telling us that Vanessa is the biggest target in the house but he’s not sure he wants to be the one to get her out and that someone else should do it. First off, we should just end the episode right there, because I’m pretty sure with the sh!tty foreshadowing that Big Brother does, this is exactly what’s going to happen, but we’ll have to wait to find out won’t we? Second, who the f*ck is going to get her out, Austin, if you guys are the ones who keep winning HoH’s?!? Steve and John are useless in HoH competitions for whatever reason, your girlfriend might as well just chew on your ponybeard instead of competing and her sister might as well plug her thumb in her sister’s @ss and hang on for dear life as she’s munching on your ponybeard because she’s done nothing in competitions either. Everyone in the fricken country knows Meg won’t win a damn thing. Have you seen the chick walk? She walks like Frankenstein, with her shoulders pinned back behind her neck…and she runs the same way. She’s that chick who got picked dead last in EVERY sport in gym class…even after the kid who wasn’t even dressed for gym that day. So you’re just expecting James to win it and get her out? Just sack up and do it yourself. She’s practically the only person that can win this game, so you have to get her out. Stop relying on this someone else to do it…

One quick note, there’s no way Vanessa’s foot just “slipped” off the buzzer. First, it didn’t even look like her foot came off the buzzer, but second, she just stood up before the alarm sounded and started walking off like she already knew what was coming. She’s down with this whole “no blood on my hands” thing that she just never wants to win an HoH anymore. Besides, why would she want to win when she can just manipulate each and every HoH to do what she wants in the first place?!? I respect how she’s playing this game and feel she’s the only one who deserves to win this season, but the other people in this house just can’t realize this.

And…Austin wins! Finally…now we can get to the episode.

“Is it time to betray someone?” YES IT IS, Austin! Yes. It. F*cking. Is. Will you actually do it is the question here. My guess is no (and that was my guess before I saw the ending) since you’re all a bunch of Big Brother p*ssies, but I’m really hoping I’m wrong. Like I said before, Vanessa is the main threat in the house and the person everyone knows is running the house/game and WILL get everyone’s vote after Dr. Will goes into the jury house and lambasts them for saying anything other than Vanessa deserves to win. Just betray her already…geez.

So…Austin has an alliance with everyone in the house. I was a little surprised about the Meg/James alliance he opened up and felt so strongly about and that he plans on keeping them safe this week no matter what. He wants to do that because he feels he needs James to win the upcoming HoH, not only to keep him safe, but to also hopefully get out Vanessa. This came out of left field for me since they haven’t really shown anything on the episodes about them truly liking each other and wanting to work together to make the final 5 together. I think that final 5 is something Austin should want more than going with Steve/John or Vanessa and anyone else. There should be no way he wants Vanessa in that final 5, but should most definitely want Julia AND Meg in that final 5. Neither one of those two will win any votes from anyone so everyone should want those two in the final 5.

Right after we get Steve and John talking about how they think they’re safe because of the five person alliance they created with Austwins the last week, we get Austin telling us that he’s most likely putting them two up. He brings up putting up John/Vanessa, but I think everyone that watches Big Brother 17 knows that he’s not doing anything against Vanessa. As much as he’s stuck up Liz’s vagina, he’s right up in Vanessa’s too.

One thought on “Big Brother Recap – 8/24/15

  1. I swear we were thinking the SAME things watching this episode! No one is going to get Vanessa out – she’s going to walk straight to the finale and deserve to win every penny.

    And I also thought the same thing about her “false start”. Thought maybe I wasn’t paying attention but she just basically got up and walked away from that HOH. Not sure why she felt she didn’t need to win it though? False sense of safety b/c she’s making so many deals with people?

    Liz is really getting on my nerves with some of the “valley girl”-like talk.

    Austin’s nomination speech was stupid. Made no sense to me and was so unnecessary.

    It will def be interesting to see if he follows through with any backdoor plans for V this week. I’m pretty doubtful but maybe he’ll come to his senses….

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