Big Brother Recap – 8/28/15

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This season is another one of those weird seasons where the only person I think deserves to win (Vanessa) is the same person I get mad at other people for NOT getting out! So, if they did get her out, in the end, I’d be pissed because someone who (I felt) didn’t deserve to win the game would win, but if they don’t get her out, I’m going to be mad that they’re idiots leaving her in the game, but then at least somewhat satisfied if she does win. Follow along with that? Anyone else feel the same way? I just don’t understand how nobody else sees how she’s most likely to be the biggest threat in the end, so why keep her in the house? Just put her @ss in jury and let her bitterly vote for whichever one of you losers deserves it the most.

Speaking of nobody aiming to get Vanessa out, we start the episode with the producers speaking through Austin’s mouth, telling us that he’s still considering backdooring her this week. Doubt it. We saw how much indecision he had with just nominating her as a pawn, so the whole backdoor idea is shot. Anything he says in his DR visits is complete rubbish that the producers feed him to build drama for us, the viewers, who mostly know Austin’s not going to put her up anyway…

And of course, both Steve and Johnny Mac are upset that they were lied to with the whole alliance thing, and with Vanessa going up and being the main target, blah blah blah. In the back of their minds, they both saw this coming, so they weren’t too shocked or pissed off, but still. Both of them are pretty certain that they’re the targets this week now, and rightfully so. But it appears Johnny is the main target at this time.

And if me saying that wasn’t enough, Austin reiterates it to Steve that Johnny is the one going home this week, and that he need not worry because his fellow Scamper Squad losers have his back, and John was the last one they made an alliance with, so he’s going. And I’m sure Steve caught that little slip up by Austin that Johnny was the last one they made an alliance with, meaning that he has one with EVERYONE else in the house then, and if Johnny was last, Steve would have to assume he was right ahead of Johnny. And if he doesn’t win the next week, chances are he’s on the way out. And just to burn in it even deeper, in their conversation together, Steve asks Austin if he would send her home this week and Austin AGAIN is super indecisive about it, even though all of the chilling talks about how she needs to go home and all that. So, basically, we can just skip to the live vote already because it’s not going to be Vanessa.

In a lighter moment, we get James playing another prank on poor Julia (I’m assuming it’s Julia), hiding in the closet next to her. Honestly, one of the main reasons I believe all of the people on this show are actors are for scenes like this. So James has played pranks just about every day up until this point, and he’s hidden in her bed, under her bed, next to her bed, behind doors, etc. If you hear a tapping in your room, it’s James. Don’t act all weirded out by the sound 12 different times. Also, I have a GREAT idea, get up, walk 6 feet over to this thing we call a LIGHT SWITCH, and turn it the f*ck on! Game over, James, we already knew it was you, now we found you, and you didn’t scare us! So either they’re actors and this scene was scripted or they’re not actors and production just made them do it to continue with the James pulling prank scene each episode, knowing that most of America finds these houseguests to be lame and boring. You got us all, Big Brother. You got us all. Hook, line, and sinker. In all seriousness, though, I do enjoy these scenes. I just wish that James would have jumped on her in her bed…

4 thoughts on “Big Brother Recap – 8/28/15

  1. Your first paragraph – yes, I feel the exact same way. It’s confusing. I think it’s because I don’t want any of them to win, because this has been by far, the most annoying season. I don’t want to hear any of them talk anymore, in the house, in DR, anywhere. Their voices annoy me, and worse, their gameplay annoys me. Vanessa annoys me, and I want to get behind one of these other players to win, so they’d have to get her out to do that, but if they get her out now, it’s too late bc they should have figured it out already, instead of the stupid ‘don’t want blood on my hands’ gameplay sh*t that I’m so sick of hearing. I’ve starting skipping parts of episodes, and not even watching most, and muting people bc I can’t do it. I have NEVER done that before. There are always times in the season where they all suck and we’re annoyed, but not like this. There is always something to watch, even if it is to snark about. But I’m getting close to being apathetic about this season – which in my mind is so much worse than hating it. So happy your column reflects how I (and probably many others) feel about this season!

  2. Oh, and the peeing on Liz paragraph? Hilarious. Thanks for that. I think people overuse it all the time, but I really did lol.

    And happy birthday! As I am on holidays and will be having several drinks already, I will have at least one of them for you. And the rest to calm my nerves after a bear came to visit (true story. Less than 10 ft away. All is good though.)

  3. I’m totally with you on the Vanessa thing – I want everyone to see that she’s walking away with this game and get her out. But I also don’t think ANY of the others deserves to win so I want her to stay. So stupid.

    WTF was up with Steve being such a p*ssy to Vanessa? Seriously are people that afraid of her? And they are all playing a game so call her on her shit and start playing yours. So stupid.

    I can’t even handle this season any longer. I’ve not not looked at who comes back into the game but I hope it’s Shelli. She seems like the only one that might be able to turn things around and get anything done about Vanessa running the house – and then maybe she’d deserve to win. Ugh…

    Happy Birthday btw! My hubby’s birthday is today too so I guess lots of awesome men were born on August 29th. hahaha! Have a good one! 🙂

  4. For the first time in years, I tuned into After Dark to see who got back in and who won HOH. Awful broadcast with poor audio quality. How they clean it up and get good sound for the cbs show, I have no idea. Vanessa reminds me of Tony from Survivor – emotional and scheming non-stop. Regarding Julie’s looks – look up the old articles with the before and after plastic surgery. I did not know Austin had a girlfriend – thanks for stirring that up Zingbot.

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