Big Brother Recap – 8/31/15

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Blah, blah, blah, yet another Sunday night episode where we pick up where we left off on Thursday night, not knowing the HoH…except I DO KNOW WHO THE HOH IS because the damn internet exists and you have live damn feeds that people pay money to use and they find out information and then post it on said internet for all of us to see. Get over yourself, Big Brother, and please end the cliffhanger episodes just so you have a cheap 15 minutes to edit the next episode!

Anyway, in the end it was all four of the jurors and Vanessa hanging on to their ropes for the opportunity to call themselves HoH (or in the case of the jurors, just making it back into the house). And, as Jackie, Shelli, and Becky fell on their @sses and happily made their way out of the backyard, you can see just how all these folks were just happy to make it to jury and get to spend another month or so in vacation mode because they all just jogged their happy bubble butts out that door, hoping the producers had a margarita in hand for them to sip on for the limo ride back to the jury house. If that were me, and I had the chance to get back in that house to win that money, I’d have kicked a hole in the wall, cussed for about 18 minutes straight so that they’d have to stop the competition so that they weren’t just airing an extended beeping sound to cut out my cussing, and I’d end it by pulling Vanessa down from her rope and peeing on her as I’m being dragged off by security…

As it is, those three fell off, meaning Johnny Mac is back in the house, also meaning that we have to put up with hearing his voice for at least another week! Going forward in the competition, Vanessa tells him that he’s safe and that he should just fall so she can get a letter from her girlfriend. I hate this bargaining tool that people use in this game. I get it if you’re up against someone who’s won four or five times or something, but even then, don’t be like that and trying to make someone the bad person for not letting you win. I hate that. Nobody is a bad person for not letting you win something. Earn it. Although, I’ll go ahead and say that if I were in that house and it’s been 50+ days of me without seeing my wife and childrens’ faces, I’d probably throw that in everyone’s face to have them let me win!! So sure, I get it…

But Mac falls down anyway, so Vanessa wins and will be HoH this week. Let’s see if she shakes the house up at all. The way this season has been going, I’m going to go with a no. But you never know…

Of course Austin and the twins want her to get Johnny out because they assume Johnny is targeting them since Austin was the HoH that sent him packing. They’re scared of him for whatever reason seeing as how he’s been such a beast in the comps and has such a strong backing in the house.

Here’s Vanessa FINALLY realizing that she’s at the bottom of the totem pole in the alliance with Austin and the twins. Way to catch on so quick, Vanessa. I mean, a guy dating one TWIN sister…where do you think you’d fit in there? I get it that you’ve stuck with them for the numbers, but you should also know that you can’t keep a tight knit group like that around for so long in a game like this, where numbers matters so much. She wants to work with Johnny and Steve, to make them a threesome against the threesome that is the Austwins. She makes the point that herself, Steve, and Johnny can beat the Austwins in competitions, as well. I’m not sure what makes her think that since Steve and John haven’t won any HoHs while Liz and Austin have. I know that every comp is different and they can always pull one out, but I wouldn’t count on it. But hey, guess what you can do to help yourself with those odds – PUT THEM ON THE BLOCK, vote one out, and now you’re three versus two. And you can pull in Meg and James, make yourself a fivesome and run the house to the end of it all. Your chance of winning in the end is greater going against the likes of Meg, Steve, or Johnny Mac.

I enjoyed the Grandma Meg scene. She’s not sure as to why they call her this, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of the way she walks, the glasses she wears, the clothes, and the fact that she’s completely worthless in competitions, much like a grandmother would be!

Vanessa and the Austwins talk and she tells them that she’d rather get James and Meg out before Johnny, mostly because she wants that for her own game and that she needs to do what’s best for her and not the group. She makes a good case to them saying that Meg and James tried to flip the vote last week just because they didn’t want to vote out Johnny just because that’s what Austin wanted, and that it might be smarter for them to vote out Steve since he’s not willing to work with them at all. And the point that James is a greater physical threat in comps than Johnny is, which is 100% true. The twins understand this and are on board with getting him out this week, but we don’t really hear what Austin has to think. I don’t think he really minds as he’s ok with whoever goes home as long as it’s not him or Liz.

And aww, how cute…Austin asks Liz to be his girlfriend! So now #LiztinOfficial is happening. Until Liz gets out of the house, realizes how nasty Austin is compared to some other guys she can be with, and decides to ditch him for some model she meets on a photo shoot the weekend after she gets back home…

Vanessa talk to Meg and James to see if they have any information they can give to her that may help her switch her target for the week. They offer up no such information (since they don’t have any) but instead cry over who would go up as the pawn this week, which just makes Vanessa decide they’re a bigger threat and need to go home because of how close they are. Really, Vanessa? They need to go home because they’re so close? How about the boyfriend-girlfriend in the house? Or the TWIN SISTERS? They’re not close enough to each other to be a threat? You want to keep them in the house so they can what, grow closer? You’re probably right, Vanessa, I don’t think that either couple in that threesome are close enough, so let’s go after Meg and James, ok. You’re right. Your reasoning is spot on here. Meg and James, alone in the house, and friends, are definitely too close and need to be split up.

I still don’t get why she won’t team up with those two, along with Johnny and Steve and just end the run of the Austwins. Let’s do something to spice up this season and get everyone excited to watch the next episode.

So, in the end, she does what we all assume she was going to do and nominates James and Meg for eviction. We’ll see if either one of them can pull out the Veto win and force her to prove whether or not she really wants to work with Steve and Johnny by putting up one of either Austin, Liz, or Julia. My guess is that she won’t. She’ll talk Steve into going up as a pawn so they can get Meg out because she’s such a big threat in the house because the guys enjoy staring at her boobs and the girls all, well, I don’t know, Vanessa will think of something to say. Either way, let’s hope something interesting happens. If not, let’s just fast forward to the final 5 so these people can just start turning on each other.

Until then, I’ll just be over here doing my best not to look up what’s already happened in the house instead of waiting to be disappointed…

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  1. Minor point – Steve did win that one HOH and screwed it up. I’m assuming Austin is trying to figure out how to get Julia out soon so that the sisters can’t take each other to the end. Hoping to hear Julie say on the live show “Tonight we’ll hear from Austin’s girlfriend…”

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