Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

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Oh, Vanessa, stop feeding us some BS lines…we all know that nobody in this world (including those that don’t even watch this show) believe you when you say you think Meg and James are a strong couple. We all know what you really meant, and you even alluded to it right after you said they’re a strong couple when you said you want to get as little blood on your hands as possible. This girl really needs to get over herself. She’s Derrick all over again, an obvious competitor and practicing manipulator who’s playing a game of manipulation with a bunch of mentally challenged folks who just wanted to get on Big Brother for a vacation. I respect the fact that she’s actually thinking out strategy and everything, and honestly believe she’s the only person in the house deserving of the check, BUT I’m annoyed to no end that she even thinks she needs to strategize at this point. It’s almost as if she’s dumber than the other people in the house for believing she has to manipulate anything. I don’t think it matters who gets voted out at all any week in this season, because nobody is paying attention and wouldn’t even care that you evicted their best friend in the house. And I say best friend because it truly seems like nobody as allies in this season. Sure, there are SOME alliances, but none really. They’re all fabricated and every single person in the alliance would turn on the others at the drop of a dime. She should know this, so she needs to stop worrying so much about ruining things inside any alliance she may feel she’s a part of. If you want to vote out Liz, vote her out. Who cares what Austin thinks, he’s not going to do anything. Even if he wins HoH next week, all you have to do is talk to him, cry a little about how you thought he was going against you, and what do you know, you’re back in the good again. If you want to vote out Johnny, vote out Johnny. He’s worthless anyway and won’t win HoH, so what does it truly help you to keep him around? And if you thought Steve would go against you for voting out his best friend in the house, guess again, you almost killed his life when you just confronted him so that man is in the palm of your hand the rest of his life. He can write an autobiography and he’ll name it “Vanessa’s Story.” Quit going after pointless targets that you think are going to win because everyone likes them. This ain’t The Dating Game.

Speaking of “strong,” hasn’t Meg become the new Shelli? Always crying in the house for any and all reasons. Oh, someone said “James,” so here comes the tears. The milk spilled out of my bowl of cereal, here come the tears. I tinkled on my leg a little as I stood up too quick off the toilet, here come the tears…we get it, this game has become too tough for you to handle, so maybe it’s best that you go.

“Funny how we kept her.” Boom, roasted. You just roasted yourself here, Meg (and James). You two were so stupid to vote out Shelli over Vanessa. I get it that Shelli was winning comps and all that, but she was so overly emotional, too, and was a target to everyone, so she would have been back on the block rather quickly as it was. And if Vanessa was gone, all of Shelli’s protection was gone, too. Clay wasn’t doing sh!t in the house, so he wasn’t protecting her from being voted out. Along with the fact that it would have been easier for you two to join forces with Clelli as it was extremely impossible for you to penetrate the alliance of Austin and the twins…you know, because all holes are already filled…

Oh God, here we go again with Vanessa’s terrible way of expressing her strategy. I feel like she has a false understanding of her abilities. Again, it goes back to the fact she’s playing against people who don’t give a sh!t about the game, so they’re not going to catch her in these stupid moments. She explains that she wants to move up the “totem pole.” How is getting James or Meg evicted moving you anywhere? You do realize that in order to move up a totem pole, you need to remove one of the notches that are above you, not a notch on a completely different totem pole standing next to you! If you want to move up the totem pole in your own alliance, I have a wild idea – VOTE OUT ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN YOUR ALLIANCE!!! At least she understands that she’s at the bottom when it comes to the twins and Austin, but now she just needs to understand that she has to remove them from the game in order to move up and be taken to the finals. Just have a heart to heart conversation with Austin and Liz, where you declare war on them, telling them that she knows neither of them are going to take her to final 2 so she has to split them up and since she values honesty and confrontation so much, she should tell them this, right? Or does it only work when someone else is targeting her and wants her gone?

Another thing I find hilarious is her HoH blog. Oh man, what a pretentious B-word she is. She doesn’t want to divulge her “strategy” until October, because she plans on writing a “series of strategy analysis blogs” after she’s out of the house. I’m all for monetizing your newly found minor celebrity status, but seriously, get over yourself. You’re coming off like Dan now, and we ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL know how I feel about Dan!!! You can release your strategy in the HoH blog and then still write the “strategy analysis” blogs when you get out, detailing more about your interactions with others. But I’m really starting to think that she’s someone like me, someone who believes they’re smarter than they actually are, and rely more on luck and others’ stupidity to get what they want. She believes she can talk her way into or out of anything, and doesn’t realize that she’s always talking her way into things she doesn’t want to be in, therefore forcing herself to talk her way out of it. If she’d just sit back and let everyone else do their own things, she’d recognize that they’d damn themselves in this game more than she’s damning them.

I was going to post something here about how Big Brother definitely reads social media posts about the show, because when James put on the sunglasses, I realized that NOBODY is wearing sunglasses anymore. Earlier in the season, it seemed every single person in the house wore the sh!t out of the sunglasses BB gave them, but now you don’t even see them in the rooms with them. But, as we went further into the episode, BB seemed to have read my mind and told James to continually wear his sunglasses inside the house because that’s what he did throughout the episode.

The funniest part of the episode was definitely James telling the story about how he found out he was a father. You gotta love a one-night stand that turns into a baby! And apparently the baby’s mom wasn’t exactly a one-man type of woman because she had no idea who the father was until the baby was born and when it came out with an Asian-looking face, she knew it was James’. I can’t even imagine how crazy it would be to just randomly get a phone call telling me to get down to the hospital and meet my child!! What a life change that would be! And, the part about showing up and being like “Uh, yeah, I have a daughter. I found out 2 hours ago” was TOO funny!! Kudos to James for being so open and honest about that because no matter how your kids came into this world, you should be proud to be their parent and I’m glad he did the right thing and stayed in the baby’s life, as we too often hear about men who abandon the mother and child either before the birth or right after…

One thought on “Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

  1. OMG I’m seriously in tears, laughing about the Steve scene! Your commentary is so funny and probably the highlight of these last two, completely and ridiculously predictable episodes!

    Did I hear Julia correctly at the Veto meeting actually say she had to keep the noms the same because she didn’t WANT ANYMORE BLOOD ON HER HANDS??? WTF? How could you do NOTHING the whole entire friggin game and have blood on your hands? I know this is completely irrelevant but it just bugged me that she said that.

    I was really disappointed that James didn’t win HOH and got voted out. Disappointed but not the least bit surprised by how it all went down.

    Any hope for one more “expect the unexpected” and getting someone else back in the game??? I guess I can wish….

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