Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

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During the Veto competition, which is one that I would LOVE to be in, you can tell just how plain all of these people are. No imagination whatsoever and obviously the generation they’re a part of never played hide and seek since they were all too busy with their phones and iPads and whatnot!! Not only were they so vanilla in where they chose to hide their “cards,” but how terrible were they all at finding them?!? Them looking for the cards was akin to playing hide and seek with a person and just walking into the room, turning the lights on, not seeing them, and giving up! Nobody is going to hide their card right under a couch cushion or under the mattress. Jesus, get with the program. And, you never want to think like someone else when trying to find what is hidden, think like YOU. Where would you hide? Oh, 4 of you decided to unzip/unbutton casings and place the card inside like it’s the most genius thing ever, so why not start unzipping/unbuttoning everything you can in the house to see if you can find one! Goodness. In the end, the only person who had true vision for their hiding spot won, and that was James. So, exactly what Big Brother alluded to with all the talk about Vanessa NOT wanting James to win, ended up happening. Now, she’s going to have to show what side she’s choosing by who she names the replacement nominee. She’s worried that if she chooses one of the twins or Austin, they’ll know she’s not as tight with them as they think, and if she chooses Steve or John, they’re going to know it’s 100% obvious that she’s full of sh!t (which they should know anyway) since she’s always talking about how they need to be pawns and yada yada yada. This is the perfect time for her to choose a side, approach Meg, James, Steve and John, tell them that she wants to form a five person alliance with them and will show she’s serious by nominating Austin or Liz as the replacement nominee as long as all four of them (well, the three that will be able to vote) agree to vote him/her out! It would be a 3-2 vote to get Austin or Liz out, for sure! The only way they wouldn’t vote #Liztin out is if they wanted to try and screw Vanessa over by still voting out Meg so that now Vanessa would hopefully be a target now for Austwins since she went against them and tried to get one of them out…AGAIN! But, I shouldn’t waste my breath, because you know she’s not going to do that…

As a father myself, I also enjoyed James’ look into the camera and talking to his baby girl. The “Daddy ain’t built like that” comment made me think of how insanely excited I’d be to get on this show just to say dope stuff like that to my son and daughter from inside the house! Nobody believes me when I say I’m a sentimental person, but I really truly am and I’d love nothing more than to give my kids something like that to watch the rest of their lives and to be proud of their daddy.

Vanessa approaches Liz and tells her that she’s not certain she wants to nominate Steve or John, because she wants Meg out this week and isn’t sure they wouldn’t flip the vote on her, and keep Meg since they want Johnny out so bad. And she should feel that way, because that’s exactly what they would do. They’re going to do what’s best for their game, so how about you do that, too! And getting Meg out isn’t good for your game or anyone else’s. Meg is worthless. She’s a floater that you should absolutely want to take to the final 2 with you. But again, wasting my breath here, Vanessa’s cost strategy analysis plan doesn’t approve of Meg staying in the game since she’s a floater.

So we get Vanessa telling Julia (as well as Liztin) that she wants to nominate her as the replacement. And of course, Julia doesn’t like the option. Funny how you want to be all mad at Steve when he doesn’t want to be the renom, but now that it’s your turn to be it, you have an issue with it! It’s funny how things work out that way, isn’t it? Go back to Miami and continue your work that will lead you to softcore porn already, Julia! Nobody’s interested in hearing you talk ever! You’d even fail as a sex phone operator and the guys who call into those lines are turned on even if they know it’s a man pretending to be a woman! Vanessa makes the point that it’s the only sure way to get Meg out since both Austin and Liz are bigger targets and everyone in the house would surely vote them out over Meg. She’s right about that, but everyone is a bigger target than Grandma, so let’s hope the folks in the house recognize that and vote out Julia…if she goes up!

And the most pathetic part of the episode is Vanessa getting mad at James when he mentioned that she’s playing too hard because she remembers everything that is ever said to her (correction: she remembers what she THINKS is said to her) and he doesn’t. At that point, she’s pissed and won’t even let James talk. She even orders him to leave, which is just her way of saying “I know I’m mad at you for no reason, I don’t want you to question me why since I have no reasonable explanation other than I’m a woman and you hurt my feelings.” Good goodness, Vanessa is DEFINITELY one of these people on social media who gets offended by EVERYTHING! She just likes finding reasons to be mad at people to gain attention because she knows that at some point after that, they’ll have to come to her and apologize, which gives her some sort of weird satisfaction that she “won.” People are weird. I’ll look for Vanessa to blast out on social media how everyone is against her because she’s a lesbian and nobody accepts gay these days! I’ll say it again – she just needs to get over herself. I can’t even with her right now…

All that drama and Julia ends up going up as the renom. I’m truly hoping that Steve and John realize that they NEED to get her out this week. Who cares about pissing off Vanessa. Explain to Vanessa how this is a positive thing, and that you two, her, and Meg/James can now join forces to go up against JUST TWO people in Austin and Liz. See how that works, Vanessa? Now you’re in the power alliance and can float into the final two. And you can still act surprised and shocked with Austin and Liz, and tell them that you had assurances from the rest that they would vote out Meg (other than James), and help them realize that they now NEED to stick with you for numbers’ sake. They need a third person still, so they’ll definitely still work with you. As for you, Steve and John, please stop being worried about being a target in the house. Everyone is a target. And only targets win the game. Right now, I’m not even sure either of you two would beat Meg in the final 2. You need to start making a mark for yourselves, make a bold move, get out Julia and break up the power alliance in the house, make yourself a target with Liztin and don’t worry about Vanessa, you can talk your way back into her good graces after she realizes what you did was the best move for HER game, too. Making a f*cking move, please. Throwing comps and winning one HoH isn’t moves. Plus Steve, your HoH was beyond the most worthless HoH of the season, so nobody respects that part of your game enough to give you a vote in the end. Get Julia out, win the next HoH, get out Austin or Liz, and before you know it, you’re now King of the house and people will start considering voting for you in the finals. Please for the sake of everything, make it happen…

Disclaimer for this half of the blog: it’s going to be VERY short. For no other reason than a) I hated what happened and b) not all that much happened, really. So I apologize. I’m not trying to make these blogs short, I just feel as if these people aren’t doing all that much, so there’s not all that much to talk about. Maybe I’ll go off on some of my world class, world famous digressions, but even that won’t make this a long blog. So again, I apologize but don’t blame me, blame these idiots who are turning this show into reality TV, rather than a reality competition.

We start the episode with the end of the Veto comp, where Vanessa put Julia up as the renom, and having her tell us that she did it because she KNOWS Steve will vote Meg out. And she knows this because she’s Derrick and Steve is literally every single person from last season, who did every single thing that Derrick asked them to do. So, she can make that move knowing that she controls at least one other, and possibly two other votes in Steve and Johnny’s. And she already knows Liztin won’t vote out Julia, so she’s getting what she wants no matter what. And of course what she wants is a pointless move that gets no blood on her hands and keeps her in the bottom portion of each/all of her alliances.

One thought on “Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

  1. OMG I’m seriously in tears, laughing about the Steve scene! Your commentary is so funny and probably the highlight of these last two, completely and ridiculously predictable episodes!

    Did I hear Julia correctly at the Veto meeting actually say she had to keep the noms the same because she didn’t WANT ANYMORE BLOOD ON HER HANDS??? WTF? How could you do NOTHING the whole entire friggin game and have blood on your hands? I know this is completely irrelevant but it just bugged me that she said that.

    I was really disappointed that James didn’t win HOH and got voted out. Disappointed but not the least bit surprised by how it all went down.

    Any hope for one more “expect the unexpected” and getting someone else back in the game??? I guess I can wish….

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