Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

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After all this, she makes a final two deal with Johnny Mac and tells him they mention that nobody even suspects that they like each other, let alone are working together. Well of course nobody suspects you two because NOBODY PAYS ATTENTION!! The fact of the matter in the Big Brother house is that if two people ever talk to each other for longer than 30 minutes more than one time per day, they’re working together. Or at the very least, talking about game and one is trying to get the other to do what they want. If you aren’t aligned with one of those people in the conversation and are with the other, you’re going to have to assume that they’re talking about something that will negatively affect/effect your status in the game. You just have to. You don’t have to always act on those assumptions, but you have to have them. And these people just don’t. And they don’t even assume it with someone like Vanessa, who everyone knows ONLY talks game with everyone. So come on, people, wake the f*ck up, please. Let’s at least make these final few weeks somewhat uncomfortable for each other in the house. I just hope an HoH makes a bold move and turns on someone in their own alliance before we get to the final four or three. It’ll be an extremely boring end to the season if the Austwins make it to final three. And oh dear God, can you imagine how crappy the feeds will be then? I know they get boring when the numbers dwindle down that low, but to have ONLY those three in the house, oy vey!

James and Meg make a last ditch effort to pull Johnny Mac onto their side, trying to tell him it only makes sense to join up in order to get out the Austwins. But, you can tell Johnny’s having nothing of it. He’s barely talking back and just giving a bunch of head nods and “Mmm Hmm’s.” So, we should all know where this is heading…

But, of course Big Brother has to throw that wrinkle in and show us his DR where they force him to talk about how he wants to get Julia out, but then ends it with the real statement he’s feeling, in where he doesn’t want to piss off Vanessa. Look Johnny, here’s what you do – you say the same thing to Vanessa that she says to you and everyone else – you have to do what’s best for YOUR game, not hers. It makes a whole heck of a lot of sense for YOU to vote out Julia, who you KNOW has gone after you in the past, and still wants to go after you. Tell Vanessa that you and her can still be a strong pair and can move over and join forces with Meg and James if Liztin are truly that pissed off and want to seek revenge on you, which they won’t because guess what, YOU’RE not the one voting. They’ll be pissed off at Johnny and Steve for going back on the deal and voting her out, so they’ll still go after them and you can play along being pissed at them for doing it so that you can save face with Liztin. How does your strategy analysis bullsh!t NOT see that strategy as a best option? Weaken the strongest alliance in the house and strengthen your place amongst the rest of the house. Yeah, that’s not a great move. But getting out perhaps the weakest player in Big Brother history is? She has to have something against Meg personally, because I can’t see why she’s so forceful about the idea of getting her out this week. It has to just be about the “blood.” Has to.

Of course we get the obligatory John and Steve conversation about flipping the vote. And of course we then get the follow up obligatory scene where Steve has to go ask permission from Vanessa to do something in the game. He’s pathetic. Really and truly. He can’t make any decision for himself in this game and ever since he pissed himself and sharted a bit in his pants when Vanessa yelled at him, he’s lost whatever little confidence he built up and is truly just playing Vanessa’s game because he wants to make it up to her that she was mad at him. Kudos to Vanessa for making him a lap dog. Like I keep saying, she deserves to win this game.

I mean, the guy even puked into the bathroom sink because he’s so scared to even play this game. That puke scene told us everything we needed to know about whether or not he was going to vote out Julia. Also, you couldn’t make it 4 more steps into the toilet? Puking into the sink like that – what if you blew actual chunks? You’re going to dig it out with your fingers or something? That’s more gross than actually puking. Nasty.

At the vote, Grandma gets voted out. Of course she does. As soon as Steve said Meg, I was just more upset than shocked. Part of me really thought I could think they’d flip the vote, but deep down I knew nothing was going to happen. Meg was going to the jury house no matter what this week. Vanessa, once again, gets her wish and continues her streak of getting out the exact person she wants. What a dumb vote, though. Yes, I hate floaters in the game just as much as anyone, but at the same time, if I was a houseguest, I would 100% want to keep floaters like Meg in the game. If she made it to final 7 already, there’s no point to voting her out then, because the more people you KNOW you can beat in comps, the better position you’re in to win. So yes keep Meg, keep Julia, keep Steve who’s easy to psych out, and even Johnny has become worthless in comps. Keep them around at this point, don’t vote them out just because you’re worried about her being an ally for someone you want out. I hated Vanessa’s point to Steve about how if she stays and JAMES wins, James would put them up. How does that make any sense? James is staying in the house no matter what. If Meg stayed, it would be better for you than if she goes. I just don’t get why she was so adamant about breaking those two up but not the trio. Ugh…I’m done talking about this.

So Liz then wins the HoH. Blah blah frickity blah.

She nominates James and Mac. Sounds about right. She’s staying true to Scamper Squad here. How nice of her.

Julia then wins the Veto. Again, blah blah frickity dickity blah. Nice effort Steve, Johnny, and James. Zero points combined with Austin, Liz, and Julia all putting points on the board, you deserve to remain on the block and/or go home.

And, as it turns out, daddy was built like that as James gets the boot a few days after saving himself from eviction. Sorry ’bout it, buddy. You gave it a not-so-valiant effort there at the end, choked under pressure, and just ended up doing what you’ve been doing the past few weeks, in following behind Meg like the in-love puppy dog that you were! I guess losing her just killed his spirit and he didn’t think he could live on in the game without her. He’ll have the time of his life in the jury house, though, that’s for sure. And maybe one drunken night inside that jury house will lead to another rushed phone call nine months from now letting him know that he’s a father again!

Also, what do you know – another Thursday night episode ends without us knowing who the HoH is! This is getting a bit too redundant. It does add to some excitement for Sunday’s episode, but I like to at least come out of this episode knowing who it is and speculating at who they’ll nominate. Now, I’ll just forget about the show completely and show up on Sunday night and be reminded that we don’t know who it is. But, it SHOULD be interesting to see who comes out victorious, but the excitement will be short lived since I’m sure the rest of the week will just go as (Vanessa) planned.

Until then…

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One thought on “Big Brother Recap – 9/4/15

  1. OMG I’m seriously in tears, laughing about the Steve scene! Your commentary is so funny and probably the highlight of these last two, completely and ridiculously predictable episodes!

    Did I hear Julia correctly at the Veto meeting actually say she had to keep the noms the same because she didn’t WANT ANYMORE BLOOD ON HER HANDS??? WTF? How could you do NOTHING the whole entire friggin game and have blood on your hands? I know this is completely irrelevant but it just bugged me that she said that.

    I was really disappointed that James didn’t win HOH and got voted out. Disappointed but not the least bit surprised by how it all went down.

    Any hope for one more “expect the unexpected” and getting someone else back in the game??? I guess I can wish….

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