Big Brother Recap – 8/21/15

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And of course right after they’re all inside and done showering, Vanessa’s in her face reassuring herself that she’s safe and that they still know how much of a threat both Bobcat and Becky are. Calm down, girl. She just won the Veto and things are good right now, let them enjoy the win, relax for a bit, clean themselves off and sleep it off. If anything, let them come to you and just make sure things are good. Or just go to them, congratulate them again, and talk about something fun or whatever. If you’re going to be backdoored, you approaching them the way you are isn’t going to help your case any, so you may as well just let it be. If anything, you let others make themselves the target, not increase the chances that you’re one. Let Becky and Bobcat continue to dig themselves deeper in a hole this week. If they say something to Liz that makes her want to backdoor you, there’s nothing you can do about that, but you definitely don’t want to continue beating a dead horse with them and convincing THEM to want to backdoor you. And then Austin and Liz talk about her doing that and how they’re tired of her always talking game to them and being so paranoid that she’s a target. None of that will pan out to them backdooring her, though. Oh well.

Oooh…Austin gave Liz a hickey! And Julia is pissed off about it! Scandal. Of course, the hickey didn’t really look like a hickey but I guess we’ll just go ahead and believe it was. I’m not sure why Julia was so upset about it, but I guess when you’re repulsed by your twin sister’s “lover,” you might be repulsed by the thought of him sucking on her neck long enough to put a mark on it. The comment about her parents not liking Austin because he wasn’t someone you bring home to your parents was a little rude, but it is what it is. Enjoy that family, Austin.

If all this craziness going on isn’t enough, now we have Shel…er, I mean Vanessa crying to Steve about how she’s so alone in the house and doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Steve, weirdly, offers to put some clothes on (not like he was naked) and play chess with her…but she gets out of that one when Liz walks up, so she continues the tears to her and tells her that she’s upset that her and Austin used to be so close but now he won’t even talk to her because of how his and Liz’s relationship is building, and Julia is in the house now and the three of them are just inseparable and make her feel like a fourth wheel at all times. She feels that she walks into a room and everyone leaves. She’s probably right about that since everyone probably despises the sight of her because they know they’re going to get cornered into a 45 minute conversation about every scenario under the moon that can happen with the votes this week…

Then, we get the follow up convo with Liz, Austin and Julia about how Vanessa is crying about them and how they should just get her out and blah, blah, blah, let’s just fast forward to the Veto meeting where you don’t do anything and talk about how you’ll just continue to do what everyone else is doing by “not getting blood on your hands.”

So we fast forward, and surprise surprise, she didn’t use the Veto and talks about how she knows that Vanessa will always be a bigger target than her and her sister, so she’ll just let someone else be the one to take her out instead. You know, because that strategy has worked out so well considering Vanessa just got done beating an eviction when it was almost assured she was going home. So yeah, you go ahead and keep thinking that you and Julia will slide past being considered threats and never be nominated, I’m sure that won’t come back to hit you in the face. They should at least consider the fact that Vanessa is the only one playing and that if she wins HoH she’ll most definitely consider all options and probably talk herself into putting up two strong contenders to keep her from winning, which would definitely be you, your sister, and Austin. The three of you are inseparable and those 3 votes are becoming more and more valuable, so the fact that you think the three of you won’t be targets anytime soon is ridiculously stupid of you. I hope you enjoy being stupid.

Speaking of starting off an episode with a complete BS statement, we get Julie Chen telling us that new alliances have been formed this week! What alliances would those be, Julie? The ones that were already formed, but they just lost members so they renamed their group? I guess the one with Steve, which I won’t even bother mentioning the name of in this blog again can be counted as a new alliance, so maybe I shouldn’t take it out on Julie, but I’m not feeling too great right now (it’s been a loooooong day) so someone has to catch heat.

As we move into the house, Vanessa tells us that her target is *still* Becky, so I guess she was just blowing off some steam when she went to the twins and Austin about getting Bobcat out after they spoke. If Vanessa’s saying it on camera, we should definitely consider it to be the plan. Definitely. It’s definite. Becky’s for sure going home. This eviction night is the last stop on the Big Brother Express train for Becky. Right?

Real quick, James, you got no chance buddy. Good try. Meg’s not digging you. Sure she thinks you’re funny and fun to be around, but in no way is she going to go for you. Those funbags will just always remain eye candy for you and won’t ever become lollipops for you to take a lick of…

But I guess you could always saran wrap her to you while she’s asleep and force her to be up against you. That was a pretty sweet prank on Steve. I agree with Meg when she talks about him keeping her sane in the house, because I’m sure he’s doing that for all of the houseguests at this point, because with less and less people in the house, it just becomes more boring and plain, and with it getting closer to the end, everyone is starting to gun for the money, so less fun is had and more game starts to happen. Although, I guess that’s left to be seen with this group, who I’m pretty sure if they were allowed to just not compete in HoHs, nominate people, and then evict them, they probably would do that. You know, to keep the blood off their hands…

With John pretty certain that he’s staying in the house, he has to now consider what his next move is going to be since his main ally is going to go home. Him and Steve consider their options on who to team up with, and weigh whether it’s smarter to go forward with Meg and James or the twins and Austin. Their rationale is to go with the twins and Austin because if they team up with those three, they’d be the lesser target of the group as opposed to if they teamed up with Meg and James, who are seen as weak players, they’d still be the top targets to get out. NEWSFLASH guys, brilliant move. Unfortunately, it has to be a one week deal, because once Vanessa is out, there’s absolutely no way in the world you don’t get out one of the twins or Austin. In all honesty, I’m not so certain I don’t get out one of those three this upcoming week before Vanessa, use that info to strike a deal with Vanessa to be safe with her if she wins the following week, and break up the three person alliance that you KNOW is sticking together until the end. With only 5 people voting this upcoming week, if one of those three don’t win HoH, they control who goes home since they make up 3 of those 5 votes. They practically have already won this game considering there’s no way to get them out unless it happens this week and two of them are on the block together. After this, they’ll control every vote, unless like I mentioned, two of them are on the block.

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